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I was just looking up the meanings of mine, my moms ect. To read ya'll stories, all I have to say is there must be something about that book Preg. LOL But I love the name cause it is just as unique as me!!!! So, my mom also named me after Meggie in Thornsbirds! I have not yet read the novel, but I'm thinking I should considering it's impact on the world of Meghans. I love my name and also feel that other spellings don't apply to me in any way.

Meghan is only perfect with an 'h. My mother named me Meghan with an "h" because she believed that it was the true Irish spelling of the name Megan. My entire life she explained to people that I was not named for the "Thornbirds" which annoyed her to all ends! To this day I constantly have to tell people, it's Megan with an "H".

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But overall I love the name and also love the fact not many people in my everyday life has same name. The only thing with the name is that I hate all nicknames that go with it, so I go by Meghan only!

I named my daughter Meghan Nicole in I'm too young to have been influenced by the Thornbirds. I was born the year the book came out and only 6 when the mini-series came to TV.. My daughter says Meghan is the way it should be spelled and the other way is just too plain.

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Her main nickname has always been Meggie but we have a lot of different ones. Most of the time though it's Meggie-Doodle.. We didn't come across another Meghan in school until she was in 6th grade and her name wasn't spelled with an H. I love the name and think spelling with an H makes it even more beautiful. My mom always loved the name 'Meghan' and specifically, the nickname 'Meg'. It is a good, not too common name, however, I have spent my whole life correcting it from Megan or Meegan or similar sounding names. Whenever someone reads the name 'Meghan', they say 'Mee-gen', which at first was annoying, but eventually I just got used to it.

I still correct people to this day. I also have to correct the spelling. However, I have never personally met another 'Meghan'. I have met two Megan's and have heard of other Meghan's, but never met one personally. Besides being a cognate of Margaret and meaning 'pearl', Meghan is also a name in its own right, meaning 'brave, bold'.

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Search for a Name. Related Names: Meagan , Meaghan , Megan. What are her siblings named? Enter Sibling Name. But the Top 10 in only includes one name from that list—William. People used to be almost uniformly conformist. This is part of a broader trend away from conformity: In , the Top 4 boys names John, William, James, George covered one in every four boys. This category is perfect for parents who are far too thrilled with themselves and are having far too special a child for a Timeless or Top 10 Name, but who also look down upon those who go for a Super Weird Name as annoying or unclassy.

Suddenly, that name so perfectly placed at on the list of popular names is Then Then 5. All to the horror of the Category 3 couple. You know when everyone calls a guy by his nickname except his parents, who use his full three-syllable name? I think part of that is trying to wrench individuality from a fad name.

To me, studying Name Fads throughout time yields the most interesting information because it speaks about something society is doing as a whole at a given time.

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  4. Between and , everyone named their daughter Jennifer, and now, no one does. So Jennifer was officially a Name Fad. A few decades after that, Jennifer can look forward to having an Old Lady Name, which happens when a name belongs to lots of old ladies, but no one under Of course, Jennifer is just one of many such names. These are all just Name Fads—only difference is when they happened. To stress how much more popular the biggest names used to be, Mary was six times as popular in as either Sophia or Emma is now.

    So to be clear, Gunner and Gael are currently more common baby names than Phillip or Scott. After dying out as a popular name for Southern women a few decades ago, Charlotte has returned as a popular name in the most liberal states. This graph shows popularity in each state over time, with the states going from most conservative on the top to most liberal on the bottom.

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    So there are a bunch of middle-aged conservative women and liberal toddlers out there named Charlotte. The only time I ever saw a dead name return in fewer than 80 years is when it caught on with a totally different demographic Jeremiah is another one of these, which after losing steam in the early nineties in the Northwest, has now gotten hot in the Deep South. We stole a lot of the hottest current names from Utah. Utah got into the name in the early 70s by itself, and then suddenly in , everyone else decided to jump on board.

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    Yes, those are all popular names right now. Sophia was originally for the richest states, before it got so popular everyone got into it. Sofia is still for rich states though:. Meanwhile, Victor is mainly found in the Southwest, Colton in the middle of the country, Caroline in the East, and both Adrianna and Dominic are mostly contained to New Mexico.