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The strange black clothes, the soothing voice, the reluctance to harm her. It all made sense. How did an outsider know about the value of her blood? The AMT researchers kept their work under lock and key, both physically and electronically. What would this man do with her?

The green-eyed man turned and kept a grip on her hands with one hand while using his knee to keep her legs pinned to the bed. And the others? The new position let her see the doorway, where another man was standing, dressed in the same black clothes with one major difference—he was all but dragging one of her cell neighbors along with him. As much as she hated living in the AMT, her fate outside could be much worse, especially since she would no longer have any special protections like she did in the AMT; her blood was too valuable to damage her.

In recent years, any researcher who harmed her was punished. The green-eyed man adjusted his grip on her arms. She contemplated struggling to get free, but the muscles of his arms told her that overpowering him would be impossible. Kiarra froze as her belly touched his shoulder. Touching was strictly forbidden inside the AMT. Before she could think too hard on the subject, the man moved to the door and out into the hallway.

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Jaxton tightened his grip on the woman tossed over his shoulder and hoped like hell the little tigress would behave. She seemed determined to die, and part of him wondered why. But as the sound of boots and voices behind them grew louder, he focused back on his mission and pushed himself to run faster. The woman over his shoulder moved, and he felt her push her arms against his back and lift her upper body. He was about to tell her to stay still when two guards appeared from around the corner up ahead, blocking their path. He was about to signal his men to take position when the woman on his shoulder shouted, The guards have tranquilizer guns.

He thought of his options. He had only one option left—if they were to have any chance of escape, Taka, Marco, and Darius were going to have to use their elemental magic. No restrictions! Jaxton maneuvered to the side and was just about to lower the woman slung over his shoulder to the floor when he heard a gun go off. Jaxton maneuvered her to the ground and plucked the dart out of her arm. He checked to make sure she was breathing—and she was—but he needed to deal with the guards before he could do anything else for her. He stood up and counted a total of ten guards surrounding them. His men had eight of them in hand, so Jaxton focused on the two blocking the corner that would lead them to the tunnel.

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One of the two guards had a strange-looking gun pointed at him. Jaxton reckoned that was what the woman had warned him about. They hit the mark and wrapped around the gun with enough force to knock it to the floor with a clatter. With the tranquilizer gun out of the way, Jaxton gave a unique whistle to signal to the others that he was going to engage. After years of working missions together, he trusted his team to cover his back and protect the two rescued AMT prisoners on the ground. He charged at the two guards blocking the corner. The first guard threw a punch, but Jaxton ducked the swing and danced to the right before punching the man in the soft area of the kidney.

The man groaned, and Jaxton took advantage of the opening. She noticed the movement and reached for something on her belt, but Jaxton was quicker.

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Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her hand inch toward her belt. The guard winced and Jaxton plucked the object that looked like a stun gun from her utility belt and tossed it out of reach.

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His men were unharmed, as were the woman and his brother, but while all ten of the AMT guards were unconscious on the ground, there were at least two hundred guards inside this particular AMT compound and more could arrive at any minute. His boss, Neena, must have plans for her, and what Neena wanted, she got. He heard some kind of commotion behind them just as they reached the tunnel entrance, where jagged rocks bent and twisted with the steel of the AMT walls. Darius ducked inside the tunnel first, and Jaxton followed suit.

Marco and Taka would cover their retreat. Of course, escaping the tunnel was the easy part; getting off the mountain was going to be tricky. After the amount of energy his men had already used confronting the guards, Jaxton hoped Darius would be able to concentrate long enough for their final trick. Jaxton hugged her close against his chest as he moved to stand next to Darius. He glanced down to check; while cold, the woman was still alive. Marco emerged from the tunnel and stepped to the side just as Taka slowly backed out of the hole, moving the earth as he went until the tunnel was sealed.

Since they were standing on a mountain ledge thousands of feet above sea level, the only way the guards could reach them now was from the sky. Marco and Taka came over and took positions facing Jaxton and Darius, the four of them making a tight-knit square. Jaxton nodded at Darius to begin. He knew what was coming.

Category Five winds swirled around them, and soon a piece of the rock ledge cracked and the ground jolted under their feet. Yet because of training and practice, the men maintained their balance even as the section of rock was lifted into the air. The woman in his arms shivered, and Jaxton nearly crushed her against his body in an attempt to warm her. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.

Create a List. Summary Book 1 Kiarra Melini overhears the dangerous secrets of her blood and decides that if Feiru elemental magic is to survive, she needs to die.

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  5. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Copyright Blaze of Secrets Asylums for Magical Threats 1 Jessie Donovan To my dad For surviving all of my crazy adventures over the years and never doubting me whenever I think of new ones. And to Michelle Cuadros Best friend, sister, and my first reader.

    After all, if things went according to plan, Jaxton would finally see his brother again. He only hoped everything went according to plan. Even if it meant killing herself to do so. Mostly because she was afraid to die. Of how they might punish her. The Feiru first-born are then studied, tortured, abused, and otherwise treated badly by their captors. Kiarra Melini has lost her ability to control elemental fire from the south.

    Blaze of Secrets (Asylums for Magical Threats) (Volume 1)

    She doesn't want to be used for any more experiments especially nullifying one which drives many Feiru insane. Jaxton Jax Ward is told by Neena that he must rescue one other prisoner a female along with his brother The Feiru are people with magical abilities that have been basicly taken in prison camps known as AMT. Jaxton Jax Ward is told by Neena that he must rescue one other prisoner a female along with his brother Garret.

    Jaxton's team is a well-oiled machine that move this rescue off like clockwork. Neena gives subtle clues to Kiarra that start the process of healing and trust.


    Blaze of Secrets - Jessie Donovan - Google книги

    Cam informs them that a team is being sent to retrieve Kiarra no matter what and that they must leave as soon as possible. Kiarra finds that Jax inspires a kind of trust she thought lost all of these years being imprisoned. James Sinclair is Kiarra's uncle and ruthless leader determined to eradicate The Feiru's abilities from existence. Giovanni is also Kiarra's, Cam's, and James' family wants to help his adopted father with whatever he can.

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    Kiarra is kidnapped again and it's up to Jax to rescue her. Will James' plan work? Will Jax admit his feelings for Kiarra? Will Kiarra escape again? What are Neena's motives? Your answers await you in Blaze of Secrets. An interesting new world involving magic and it's people. I loved the upheaval in this book because it kept you on the edge of your seat making this book a real page turner. I personally loved Kiarra's name, spirit, and ability to adapt to her surroundings with little effort. Jax is a dreamy tough as nails man that let's nothing stand in his way of what he wants.

    I also loved that they both would risk much in the name of family consequences be damned.