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Step 1: Make Bone Broth & Collagen Part of Your Routine

Awesome book!!! I can do broth in the AM — which is fine.

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I survive the mornings fine, until about — then get wobbly guessing that will go away as my ability to burn fat gets better. My stomach totally revolted on that one. Super self control, deep breathing, and no barfing thank you. Anybody else have that experience??? No need!

You suggest exercising as late into the fast as possible. You also suggest that a post-workout meal will likely include good tier 2 carbs. But the book describes your first meal in various places as a low-carb and low-calorie, light foods, and raw foods, with the real feast coming later for dinner. Around PM I will be doing a minute full body resistance program nights a week. Should I make my two meals similar to one another and eat two smaller versions of your typical feast meal?

Thanks for your guidance. I just turned 50 and I am starting in on my 2nd body transformation in the proper direction. About 15 years ago, I went from a 44 inch waist to a 29, maintained for 5 years and blew back up to a 44 over the last 10 years or so. I was an advocate of the feedings per day, but dealing with food was all-consuming and regular life intruded so I quit! I think that the int. Hi, Wondering if IF should be done for a certain span of consecutive days? Hey Mary. IF has played a big part in getting things like my triglycerides and cholesterol levels optimized as well as helping with my sleep cycles and patterns.

It is pure fate that I came to know about the show by switching channels. I am travelling at the moment and would have never heard about the show in my home country. I am not over weight, jus fat that I wanna get rid off and get toned. Since I started listening to your podcasts and reading your blog i got this belief that this is definately for me. I tired 2 days of intermittent fasting, felt so much better, active , high energy levels, focuses. I just ordered your book from Amazon and plan to do intermittent fasting and follow the wild diet once I get home. Also been reading about hormonal imbalance in women coz of fasting or consuming high fat.

The Definitive Guide to the Primal Eating Plan

Is it true?? How about fasting alternate days along with following wild diet on other days. Really looking forward to your guidance here. Thanks a lot! Hi Abel, great article and I really enjoy your work. I am just starting to experiment with a ketogenic diet and want to implement IF as a part of that.

Question for you though: I work out early in the morning, usually the 5AM class. But after my workout am I okay to have a post workout protein shake I use Progenix or 3Fu3l or will this throw off the benefits of fasting? Your thoughts and advice are appreciated. Thanks so much! How much fatty coffee and bone broth can you have in the morning? I know its not carbs but its a decent amount of calories.

Follow your natural hunger. For fatty coffee, I generally get tablespoons tops. Sorry if this is a repetitive question! For instancr, finding one without soy protein isolate is increasing in difficulty. Thanks in advance for your reply! Vega One is Non-GMO project verified, vegan certified, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and made without dairy or soy ingredients. I have only tried the chocolate but I know they make other flavors. Hope this helps!! Hi Abel, Love your podcasts! Where do you recommend getting the bones for bone broth?

Can you get them from the grocery store? I live in a metropolitan area…Orange County which is south of Los Angeles. Living in NOLA and working a job that has 10 hr days as a minimum, has wrought havoc upon my physique. So I recently began eating Sensible Portions of real food, and utilizing a 24 hour fast noon to noon once per week.

Usually after lunch on Saturday until lunch on Sunday. Although that is about to change.

Thanks for the inspiration. My insulin sensitivity has improved, which means I take less insulin. I have played around with IF but I run into issues. I am a female, very active. I like to workout in the morning fasted. But I get SO hungry by 10… suggestions? I also tend to have low blood sugar, so I am sure this could be beneficial long term. I started while listening to the Wild Diet audiobook.

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Weight Loss Success Stories: Inspiring Before & After Pics |

It took a couple days for the hunger pangs to go away, which I already knew were false hunger signals from days when I used to fast, years ago. I only had two days in the one month where I took breaks from intermittent fasting because I felt like I needed to eat instead. One of those days I was very run down after a big moving day.

My hope is to heal my teeth, and boost my immune system. Hi Abel, I just purchased your 30 day plan. All the meals look great. Can I switch the wild salmon feast with a different one? Or what would you prefer to eat in the wild salmons place? Hey Abel! I just love, love your podcast and tell everyone I know about you!

I had a question about BCAAs. Can I take them before or after a workout without sacrificing my fast? Also, would you recommend a morning or afternoon exercise regimen? I am 60 and 80lbs over what I want to weigh. Back then, I had just under lbs of lean muscle and bone. Prior to getting it, I had to crawl to cross the living room. Adding all of those up, weight loss — especially to have a good intense workout — is impossible. While I do notice my pants fit differently, I have yet to lose a pound, and am up actually 2lbs from yesterday.

Flexible Dieting to the Rescue

My only indulgence from my past is my morning creamer in my 2 cups of coffee. That said, last week, I discovered it contains high fructose corn syrup. Could that be the reason? Or because muscle weighs more than fat, am I actually regaining some of my lost muscle? Hi Able.

I am a nurse who has to wake up in the morning M-F. I have my fatty coffee 6am, and I find myself hungry am. Being a nurse my work will sometimes let me breakfast and a lot of times not. Is it ok to eat earlier since I wake up a lot earlier? I usually eat 4 whole eggs for my first meal, no carbs.