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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 8 (Cosmetic & Toiletry Formulations)

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Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our team to publish it. Reviews 0. Adjust pH. Observation: pH direct : 6. Adjusted pH direct : 7. Adjust pH to 6. Physical Properties: Cl ear, yel1ow gel pH as is : 6. Formulation No. Add first two components and EDTA, mixing well after each addition.

Add LMP, mixing until clear.

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Cool to 25C. Adjust to desired viscosity with Sodium Chloride. Typical Properties: Appearance: clear, liquid Viscosity: cps 1.

Cosmetic and toiletry formulations

Added unique moisturizing and skin conditioning effect is due to the Pationic ISL. Patlac IL gives extra smoothness to the product. Does not leave a bathtub residue. PEG-8 Laurate Pationic ISL 7. Sorbitan Sesquioleate 1. No heat needed. The Pationic ISL will give long lasting substantive moisturization and soft feel to the skin.

Pationic ISL 5. Rito1eth2 Ritawax ALA 5.

Corp,: Suggested Formulations 34 Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations Blooming Bath Oil This bath oil is fast blooming with a non-greasy feel and an emollient after-feel. It leaves no residue.

Mineral Oil PEG 8 Monolaurate Pationic ISL 9. Pationic CSL 4. Perfume 2. Heat Part A to F, mix. Add B, cool to room temperatu re. The Pationic ISL is substantive to the skin and will help moisturize the skin. Ritawax ALA and Ritachol will add elegance to the finished product. Ritachol 5. Pationic ISL 4. Patlac IL 7.

1st Edition

Fragrance 1. The Dimethicone Copolyol and PEG Glyceryl Trioleate contribute substantially to tht emolliency and are major factors in blooming effect. Mix well between additions. Col or Q.

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 7

Procedure; Combine all ingredients - mix until homogeneous. Eliminates oily residue in the tub. Minera1 Oi1 PEG 8 Laurate Shebu 2. Pationic ISL 6. Ritoleth 5 2. Mix until clear, cool to 40C and add remaining ingredients. Inqredients: Part A: 1.

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  6. Mineral Oil 2. PEG 8 Monolaurate 3. Patlac IL 5.

    Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 8 : Ernest W. Flick :

    Pationic CSL 6. Propylparaben Part B: 8. Cool temperature.


    The Mazon EE-1 reduces the greasiness of the mineral oil to give a silky, nonoily feel. The formula is a water in oil microemulsion, which means that production and filling equipment need not be perfectly dry, The system will remain transparent even with the addition of incidental moisture. Inqredient: Wt.

    Mineral Oil Drakeol 9 When uniform, add the mineral oil with mixing. The batch will become clear at about the halfway point of the addition. Blend in the fragrance, and adjust the pH to 6. Final Viscosity: 3, cps. Water, D. I, Ammonium chloride requirements may vary, add it carefully. Target viscosity is cps or above. Properties: Appearance: White, pearled liquid pH, as is: 6. Performance: Good foaming characteristics and foam stability.

    Add the fragrance, and adjust the pH with citric acid to 6. Final viscosity; 10, cps with 0. Half-1ife: 6 min. Density: Heat to 45C F with mixing. When uniform, add remaining ingredients and allow to cool. Note: A pearlescent product will result if 0. Heat the batch to C F to ensure complete dissolution of the pearl agent. Add the fragrance. When uniform, add the deionized water and adjust the pH with citric acid. Ritalan has been included to impart emolliency and lubriacating properties Sodium Bicarbonate has been included because of its soothing qualities in various dermatological - related conditions.

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate powder Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Sesquicarbonate Ritalan 4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate Fragrance QS Compounding Procedure: Weigh and add all ingredients except perfume in order into a suitable blender equiped with an intensifier and mix until the powder is completely homogeneous.