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Do you like high acid or low acid? Just red or no red? This will help you determine what varieties you want. Where do you live? How long is your season? There are over varieties of heirloom tomatoes at the height of tomato growing I personally grow different varieties each year.

The amount of space you have will determine how many to grow. Small plants need to be hardened off for a few days before planting let sit outside in the full sun and wind to help acclimate it to outside.

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Trellising and pruning helps keep the plants from disease as they let the leaves dry out. Tomatoes like lots of compost. If you have lots of space, plant them and trellis them two feet apart.

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Dig a hole and put lots of compost inside, then fill the hole back in. Water well. This way the plant can establish itself in the beginning as opposed to a plant that is watered a little every day that will have shallow roots and dry up and maybe not survive.

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Indeterminate tomatoes can be trellised like grape vines: strung up and tied to the strings or wire. Start to put your garden to bed in early October. Pull up any plants that have finished producing any food for you and you can make a compost pile in the hedgerow or somewhere out of the way for you, as when they decompose, they will have lots of nutrients in them that you can use to put back into your garden another year.

You want to remove all the plant material from your garden to prevent bugs and disease for years to come. Here are the basics for planting your vegetable garden. Until then, pay close attention to your garden. Notice how things grow.

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Talk to your plants, sing, let them know how much you love and appreciate them. They are living breathing beings. On the under surface of every leaf are moveable lips—engaged in the daily devouring carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen, engaged in the miracle of photosynthesis, of producing oxygen and food for us. Welcome to the secret life of plants. But for almost everyone—both the fantasy and reality of country life includes a vegetable garden.

Is it for food?

A hobby? Who am I growing this garden for? This will help you decide how much you want to grow. What do you and your people like to eat? This helps you figure out what to grow! And she runs a successful blog about homesteading at hostilevalleyliving. Prior to moving to Liberty, Lie-Nielsen and Jackson ran a little hobby farm in Bath, where they had two gardens and kept various types of poultry, including geese.

Bangor is buying bus tickets to warmer states for people with no roof over their heads

But they were cramped for space, with neighbors crowding in on three sides. When they made the move to the old farm in Liberty, they were willing to sacrifice modern conveniences for a time in exchange for privacy and space — 93 acres to be exact.

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There they purchased a small herd of Nigerian dwarf goats to produce milk and clear brush, and they added to their flock of geese, chickens, ducks and guinea fowl. They also set to work fixing up the barn and house. In writing her most recent book, she thought a lot about what makes a person a homesteader, and she came up with her own definition.

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The people who follow her homesteading journey on social media are from all walks of life and living situations, she said, as are the people who have recently attended her book talks on homesteading and geese. When Lie-Nielsen brings her fluffy white sheepdog Stanley on a walk, they can go for hours without ever leaving her property, and every time, they seem to discover something new — a grove of trees or a brook or an old rock wall.

In the three years she has lived on the property, simply taking a walk is still a special experience.

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In her latest book, she discusses it all — the tranquil walks and the backbreaking farm chores — in an effort to give readers an accurate idea of what homesteading may entail. This past summer, Lie-Nielsen and Jackson lived in a tent while they completed major construction on their old farmhouse.

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