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Kirsty Wark’s Scotland: some of my favourite places

Try their handmade chocolates the rose creams are good , and let them whip you up a fantastical ice-cream sundae as a perfect afternoon treat. Continuing with the chocolate theme, Coco of Bruntsfield may just change your life. Suppliers of divine hot chocolates to Artisan Roast on Broughton Street, Coco of Bruntsfield elevates chocolate to a whole new level. Lavender hot chocolate?

Bars of white chocolate with dried raspberries? Chocolate-making classes, great prices and lovely, knowledgeable staff? Yes, yes, yes. Montpeliers , found closer to Morningside, is highly unusual in the sense that it is part of a chain of eateries, bars and clubs but maintains its own individual character and a surprising level of quality.

Brunch here is a truly wonderful experience. Try their soft, white morning roll stuffed with crisp Ayrshire bacon or their three-egg, brie, mushroom and caramelised onion omelette. Be sure to get there early though, as the queues are proof of the quality. Or tiffin. Or a cupcake. Or an oatmeal cookie. Or scones with clotted cream, jam and butter. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the clouds with the silver lining, cuckoo clocks galore and lovely mismatched china that makes tucking into afternoon tea or a morning treat a real pleasure.

This Italian restaurant is great not only because of its diverse yet authentic menu, but also because of its charming, somewhat modern interior and fantastic prices. Should you feel like taking in a movie, stop by The Dominion Cinema and revel in its twenties glam, art deco decor and cosy feel. Watching films has never been so luxurious!

About Edinburgh

While this guide has tried its best to be as informative and interesting as possible, inevitably some great haunts will have been left out. Happy exploring!!

This is a comprehensive city guide. Wish I had it back when I was visiting Edinburgh. We did go to the elephant house and I was surprised that they seemed to have a not-so-pleasant attitude toward J. Thank you so much for this! I lived in Edinburgh for a semester and recall many of these lovely place. What a great guide! Been to Edinburgh quite a few times, but now I have a whole new city to explore. Thankfully Im only a short train away! Thanks so much :. By far my favourite part of Edinburgh is the New Town, with its grand georgian townhouses, city gardens and independent art galleries, Dean Valley a village in the middle of the city , Calton Hill with breathtaking views over the Firth of Forth and the city skyline, the Botanic Gardens.

Edinburgh is a truly beautiful city, very diverse and with no European feel to it, you can walk to most of the places and spend days just wondering around and discovering new places. He describes life in Edinburgh with meticulous details in a very entertaining way. I adore Edinburgh. Armstrongs is indeed wonderful for vintage clothes. PS I would also recommend Eteaket for a beautiful cup of tea.

Love love love the chocolate tree, wish i could go and test out this guide instead im stuck in the studio watching this beautiful city from the window, bring on the summer holidays and unemployment! I agree with Stephanie — a very comprehensive guide and I, too, wish my husband and I had this listing available to us when we were married in Edinburgh in October Such a lovely ancient city!

I love Edinburgh, I used to live there, and now co-write a recipe blog with an Edinburgher friend! Going on a tour of Scotland in May and this is just what I needed for our time in Edinburgh. Just got back from a weekend in Edinburgh and I absolutely loved it. I can see from this guide though that I missed a massive amount so I will be planning to return this summer and bs sure to have this guide handy! Thanks for the great post.

Edinburgh is an incredible , beautiful, and friendly city. I lament that I was only there for a couple of days. If you are there during Festival time in August, the St. There is also a Saturday flea market on the Grassmarket that has many treasures.

City guides

I was in Edinburgh two years ago, and out of all of those places, I got to maybe five or six. But this list just proves that i have to go back…. I went there in and still daydream about the city and the incredible hot cocoa that I had at Chocolate Soup. Thanks, Grace!

Did Rich tell you I blogged about this?

Yay thanks for a good guide! Can anyone recommend a budget friendly place to go? What a fantastic guide. There are some new gems in here for me too — off to try one of them now! One little note, Hula now uses Artisan Roast coffee and I see you loved that too! Fabulous guide. As an American expat living in Edinburgh I heartily agree with all the recommendations! Well don. What a comprehensive guide. I was there 27 years ago and felt that I could live there a year and not see everything the beautiful city had to offer. It is my little jewel that I would like to share with all the visitors here.

If you are a Vodka lover, this place is amazing, especially during the weekends, so I tend to arrive early if I want to find a seat or after 11 once all the pub crawlers have passed. Great ambiance. Good polish drinks and loads of fun. As a fellow Edinburger I can say this is a great list but, as is probably to be expected, there is stuff missing! How could there not be? If you are on Broughton Street and you only get as far as the Olive Branch book online for a discount! We have a collection of Swedish pubs!

The Royal Yacht Britania! Yay Edinburgh. I grew up just north of Edinburgh and lived in the city in the 90s. Still my fave city in the world.

Edinburgh city guide: How to spend a weekend in the Scottish capital | The Independent

I was lucky enough to spend a day in Edinburgh a few years ago. You should also try Under the Stairs, just off Candlemaker Row. It has a wonderful, quirky interior, interesting art on the walls and a great food menu. How fantastic. My husband and I visited Edinburgh years ago, bc, before children.