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Personality: easy going, a little bit shy. Hobby: history. Pattaya, Thailand. Chiang Mai, Thailand. Phuket, Thailand. Samui, Thailand. Best is 23 yo guide, concierge and companion in Pattaya, Thailand. Hobbies: cooking, dancing, reading, travels. Languages: Thai, English school. Companion, professional masseur, driver. Woody is very punctual, polite, handsome and friendly person. Hobbies: Thai massage, travel. Tie is 23 yo guide, concierge and companion on Phuket island.

Hobbies: gym and fitness, swimming, volleyball, music. Languages: English High School , Thai.

Speak Thai

Ten is 29 yo guide, concierge and companion on Samui island, Thailand Hobbies: fitness, swimming, singing and dancing. Languages: English School , Thai. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap. Phnom Penh. Luang Prabang.

David English Thai Lesson 9 - Basic Communication Questions

Professional licensed guide in Angkor Archaeological Park, owner of touristic company. Hobbies: gym, cooking, travels, clubbing. Languages: English, Khmer. Hobbies: football, travels. Languages: English, Laotian. Bagan — Mandalay. Professional guide in Bagan - Mandalay, Myanmar. Very friendly and funny, but a little bit shy person. The youngest Companion in our team. Languages: English, Burmese. Simon is 25 yo guide from Yangon, and works by weekdays.

Matt is 23 yo guide from Yangon, Myanmar Burma. While his main job is business consultant, Matt is working as a guide by weekends "just for fun". Hobbies: travels, dancing, performances, Languages: English, Burmese. Professional 26 yo tour guide and companion in Hanoi, spend over 3 years in guiding in Halong Bay, also can be guide at North of Vietnam.

Languages: English, Vietnamese. Professional tour guide, companion and concierge in Hanoi, also can to guide tours at North of Vietnam. Hobbies: travel, reading. Experienced tour guide, companion and concierge in Hanoi, also can to guide tours at North of Vietnam. Hobbies: cooking, reading. If y0u have this smartphone app already then please post a review in the comments below. If you have a question then please feel free to ask. It works well on both the iPhone and iPad so only need to purchase once. Highly recommended.

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If you have the dictionary already then you might want to wait. Up to you. Two copies will be given away to two people who re-tweets the message above. The fifth prize will be given away in a quick fire competition on twitter in a few days. Deadline for all of these competitions is midnight on Saturday.

Good luck. Follow journeywithjaimee. I want to improve my spelling, reading, and writing.

1. English

I kept up my listening. All of this will allow me to better live and work in Thailand for years and years to come! Follow Maximo Great prize. I want, need and desire to learn Thai to really understand Thai people and culture and to integrate myself more deeply in to Thai society. Without the language this would be impossible. With thai language it opens up a whole new mirror in to this wonderful country and its peoples. Actually, I have been learning Thai for the last 6 years and can manage pretty well. You live in a different Thailand when you can speak and read Thai.

I am quitting my job this summer and I intend to move to Thailand in November.

Top 100 basic Thai Phrases to know

Follow ib0nd. Learn Thai, speak Thai. I was sent on a project for sustainable aquaculture to help poor farmers get more money for their product. I chose to continue to live and work in Thailand as I think sustainable food production would make the world a better and safer place. Because my wage is minimum wage in Thailand, baht, its been difficult to buy any learning resources so I have had YouTube and Facebook as my teacher. Follow dharanibabu Learning Thai will improve my relation to Thai people and able to make friends with them, to exchange ideas, to learn from them.

In everyday life, I can feel quite independant, able to get what I need without trouble and misunderstanding. I can live on my own out of the tourist trade, read the newspapers, watch TV even if I cannot catch everything…. Follow advesti.

I want to learn Thai because my wife and I are doing long term volunteer work in Thailand with kids and youth. At the moment you usually need to use a translator, but it would be really good to be able to do more work without that dependence. I live in a Thai n. Would like to be able to talk to my neighbors and be able to conduct simple business transactions without pointing like a deaf mute. I want to learn Thai becuase my wife is Thai. So, now I have a mom and dad who barely speak English.

The only way to communicate with them is in THAI. I have not met them in person yet. When my wife and I travel to Thailand together I want to be able to talk to them.

Speak like a Thai

Lastly, we will be getting married in a tradidtional Thai wedding so I have to learn Thai if I want to know what is happening in my wedding. Follow outsidemunich. I want to learn Thai to communicate better with the Thai teachers. I am returning to Thailand to work again in a bi-lingual school.

I want to do it better this time! Oh, why do I wanna learn thai.. It was easier for me to learn thai than to try to compel thaiz to speak english..

Thai Language Phrase Books: A Mega Review – Women Learn Thai … and some men too ;)

I am planning to learn Thai because I can talk with Thai people in Thailand. It will be better to get around in Thailand. I also think Thai is a very good language. I really really like Thai. Why do I learn Thai? I love to interact with people and if you can speak and read Thai it is so much more fun and brings you closer to the Thai people. And haggling is much more successfull….. Best Birgit. Follow CarrieSchoen. I have a love of languages and linguistics part of my studies as an English teacher , and I love the way Thai sounds.

I have visited before and have a flight to visit again this summer and would love to be able to communicate politely. Follow huskychemist. Just today at Bumrungrad when I was getting an injection into my knee for arthritis, the nurse said I spoke good Thai. Follow B4rb4r I love thailand and its people, I would like to learn more thai out of respect as they try their hardest to speak English to me when I visit.