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On July 4, , six-time World Series champion and Yankees legend Lou Gehrig proclaimed himself to be "the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Want the chance to win an incredible experience? Want to help the V Foundation fight cancer? Matthew Berry uses facts to paint the picture he wants you to see, as it relates to the upcoming season. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

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UFC Jones vs. Detail: Daniel Cormier. NBA Free Agency. NHL Free Agency. NBA Summer League.

Hubble history: From major flaw to perfection

ESPN Deportes. The Undefeated.

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SEC Network. ESPN Fantasy. Harper's single sparks Phillies' 4-run 1st Bryce Harper lines a single to left-center field to start the scoring on a four-run first frame for the Phillies. Albies crushes one to the Chop House Ozzie Albies mashes a three-run homer deep to right-center field, as the Braves have scored seven unanswered runs against the Phillies. Freeman and Donaldson go back to back Freddie Freeman hits a home run the opposite way to left center, then the next hitter, Josh Donaldson, smokes a home run to right center.

Dolphins' Norton has arm amputated after crash No. The ship shudders in response, considering me. Father lingers close, his hands twitchy and ready to take over should something go awry. There is no ship I cannot sail. There is nothing I cannot master. The wind shifts with a gust of air, disturbing the sails and pushing the vessel an inch or so to the left.

I adjust my grip on the helm to correct it. The ship creaks in response. I am Amora Montara. I dig my nail into The Duchess again when the ship quivers. The power of Arida is within me. You will obey. The Duchess groans as we hit the sand, and the impact rattles my chest.

Jagged wood scuffs my cheek, causing the ship to laugh as it settles into the sand. I pull back, running a finger along my skin. It comes away dripping blood. The ship has won, and she knows it. Anger swells in my belly as I glare at the hands that have betrayed me. Father wears guilt in the wrinkles between his pinched brows.

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The sight of it makes anger rip through my veins like poison. We descend the bridge of The Duchess , to where Mira waits upon sand the color of fresh blood, standing between several rigid men and women who sport light blazers with rose-gold trim. When she catches sight of my cheek, she gasps and draws me forward. Fierce disapproval lingers in the back of her squinted blue eyes, and as I await the verdict, she frowns. I glance back at Father, seeking his smile of encouragement.

But it withers into a frown as the officials draw him in, whispering secrets not meant for unproven successors. I take a step toward him, silently begging him to turn and seek my counsel or invite me into the discussion, but Mira grabs hold of my hand. Its wood creaks with laughter as it settles onto the sand, mocking me.

The sound sinks into my bones, and I wonder: if I cannot rule one ship, then how am I ready to rule an entire kingdom?

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