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Send someone out to kill the da. Who ever gets it right will be in my new story! Related Searches. A Single Eye. Darcy Lott can stare down any risky physical feat—until a stunt gone awry leaves View Product. The Bohemian Connection. San Francisco stuntwoman Darcy Lott is an expert at creating the illusion of danger, living San Francisco stuntwoman Darcy Lott is an expert at creating the illusion of danger, living in a tightly controlled universe in which all but the most disastrous mistakes can be reset and reshot.

But when her lawyer brother Gary leans Diamond in the Buff. After a bizarre attack, a petty feud between neighbors turns seriousAlthough the citizens of Berkeley After a bizarre attack, a petty feud between neighbors turns seriousAlthough the citizens of Berkeley are famously tolerant, that progressive attitude disappears at the property line between the homes of Dr. Too Close to the Edge. Book 4. This year the uproar is over the Rainbow Village, a hippie-occupied bayside lot that has degenerated into a drug-infested cesspool.

As the city tries to eject the squatters, two Grateful Dead fans are murdered and a developer is assaulted. But for homicide detective Jill Smith, the conflict at the Village is only a nuisance until the violence gets personal. While staking out a coffee shop, Jill sees Liz Goldenstern, a handicapped activist who has long been a thorn in the side of local business. Her wheelchair has broken down, and Jill offers to push her home. The next morning, Liz is found savagely murdered at the Village. To find her killer, Jill will have to remember that sometimes hippies are far from pacifists.

An Equal Opportunity Death. So when meterreader Vejay Haskell decides to play hooky, her first concern is staying out of sight. She goes home, takes a nap, and awakens sober, embarrassed, and ready to apologize. An Equal Opportunity Death is the 1st book in the Vejay Haskell Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Pious Deception.

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Enraged and adrift, she made her way to La Jolla, California, to set up a high-class private investigation service for medically suspicious deaths. She works only the cases she wants, and charges a steep enough fee that she can afford a cherry red Triumph and a former NFL player as a houseman. Her latest client is one of the biggest moneymakers on the planet: the Roman Catholic Church. Hoping to avoid scandal, the bishop bypasses the police, and hires Kiernan to determine whether the death was an accident or a suicide.

They ask her to be quiet, but the secrets she uncovers will make her want to sing louder than any church choir. Pious Deception is the 1st book in the Kiernan O'Shaughnessy Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Fast Friends. Now, running from professional killers and dirty cops, Liza begs her college friend, Ellen, to come with her. At the last moment, Liza grabs her piglet, Felton, as well.

As a Favor. Book 2. A favor for her ex-husband leads Jill Smith to a blood-soaked crime scene Someone is stealing hubcaps from the Berkeley police department. An afternoon spent chasing the petty thief leaves beat cop Jill Smith exhausted, flustered, and in no mood to talk when her ex-husband Nat calls asking for a favor. A colleague of his at the county welfare department, Anne Spaulding, is missing.

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Searching the apartment yields few clues. The woman liked make-up, exercise, and credit cards. She has no love for her ex-husband, but is she ready to arrest him for murder?

Karma : Susan Dunlap :

Death and Taxes. Book 7.

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  • The method of attack is as uncommonly cruel as the IRS agent himself. An exercise guru, a bankrupt small business owner, and a hippie sculptor are all possible suspects, but as she researches the dead man she finds that the pain of filling out a might not be the only motive for murder. Hungry Ghosts. When stunt double Darcy Lott returns to the city to serve as an assistant at a new zendo, she brings her own ghosts along as well. She is haunted by the disappearance of her beloved brother Mike and her estrangement from her family.

    From a turret atop a San Francisco Victorian, she spots Mike on the roof of the zendo—but by the time she gets there, he is gone. When someone else she cares about disappears the next day, she fears the past is about to repeat itself. But Darcy is unable to convince anyone of the danger, even her oldest brother, a police detective—until a brutal murder shocks them all. San Francisco stunt double Darcy Lott specializes in creating the illusion of serious danger.

    But when her lawyer brother calls and asks her to wine and dine a mysterious client, the danger is no illusion. Darcy takes an instant liking to the client, Karen Johnson, but there are too many unanswered questions. Who is this woman? And why does she need a high-powered lawyer? Soon, a murder shocks the city and John is the primary suspect. With John and Gary both in hiding and the police anxious to pin the death on John, Darcy finds herself with no one she can trust.

    Switchback: A San Francisco Mystery.

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    A new smart and sassy mystery featuring intrepid stunt double and Zen student Darcy Lott When her Zen teacher is attacked in front of her by a silent, hoodie-clad assailant, Darcy Lott feels uncharacteristically helpless. Dunlap's character Jill Smith, formerly a beat cop, has recently been promoted to homicide detective when her own series begins.

    As with Vejay Haskell, her surroundings are vital to her stories—in this case, the "radical chic" environment of Berkeley, California. Trowbridge called Dunlap "the Bard of Berkeley," saying that the city provides her with endless inspiration for her Jill Smith mysteries. Site of student unrest in the s, Berkeley has become a refuge for wealthy liberals and eccentrics, not to mention quite a few offbeat down-and-outers, homeless people, and a number of hippie leftovers from an earlier era.

    Surrounding Jill is a police department filled with an assortment of temperaments and ethnicities, including beat officer Connie Pereira, aspiring physical therapist Murakawa, and jealous Sergeant Grayson. To get a feel for the way a police department works, Dunlap told Trowbridge in the Interbridge interview, she participated in a ten-week class on police work, which included a "ride along" program with Berkeley officers. She also called officers with questions that arose as she was writing.

    Typical of the Berkeley settings for the "Jill Smith" mysteries is that of Karma. Attending a ceremony featuring a self-styled Buddhist holy man, Jill is shocked when the guru suddenly falls dead before an audience—with a knife in his chest. In As a Favor, the murder victim is more conventional, though her role as a worker in the local welfare department could be indicative of Berkeley's liberal and left-wing politics.

    ISBN 13: 9780440209829

    In any case, victim Anne Spaulding was a coworker of Jill's ex-husband Nat, who asks Jill to look into the case. Ultimately Jill discovers an intricate welfare scam behind the murder, but not before she has a series of encounters with some of Berkeley's least—and some of its most—wealthy denizens. A Kirkus Reviews critic called As a Favor a "not-very-interesting story.

    Palmer commented on Dunlap's "lively dialogue, fast pacing, smart characters, and breezy description" of Berkeley. Not Exactly a Brahmin finds Jill investigating the murder of wealthy philanthropist Ralph Palmerston, a perplexing case because he was admired by virtually everyone who knew him.

    A Publishers Weekly critic called it "a suspenseful, fast-paced mystery," and a Booklist reviewer referred to it as "an intriguing tale" in spite of somewhat "sketchy" details on police procedure. A handicapped activist turns up drowned in Too Close to the Edge, a mystery involving a local gang that steals high-priced designer running shoes. At the book's climax, Jill and the killer battle it out in a helicopter above San Francisco Bay. A Booklist reviewer called this last scene "hair-raising," and a contributor to Kirkus Reviews noted that the book, despite a slow start, is "Dunlap's most accomplished work yet.

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    • Jill is thrust into another mystery with the murder of a chef in A Dinner to Die For. She also has problems in her personal life as she recovers from injuries sustained in Too Close to the Edge. A Booklist reviewer noted the novel's "sparkling good humor," and a Publishers Weekly contributor called it "an appealing mystery with tangy details on the Bay Area's changing environs and characters. Involved in a steady relationship, Jill wants to spend more time with her lover, but mysteries such as the one in Diamond in the Buff keep getting in the way of her plans.

      The nude referred to in the title is a sunbathing dentist, who complains about a neighbor who has allegedly beaten him with a eucalyptus branch. Things get ugly when another man is thrown off his deck to his death. In spite of some unlikely coincidences, wrote a reviewer in Publishers Weekly, the book is a "witty police procedural.