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When did you come out? What did your parents say?

For all the freedom I inhale today, it is about time I pay back to my community a debt long overdue. Without further ado, here are the 10 things you guys asked. Obviously, I speak not for the entire community. The answers below are of my personal opinion and does not represent what the lesbian community or Roseanne Barr thinks. How does scissoring work? I figured I should get all the sexual questions out of the way first. At risk of stating the obvious, porn is as real as that inch cock you have. We scissor as often as you fornicate your wife standing up holding her entire weight with one hand.

Do you use a strap-on? No, I am largely organic. It is very troublesome putting one on and I like wearing skinny jeans. How do you do it? I hate to be such a hypocrite here, but watch some porn. Take away the fake tits and horny guy in the middle. And that two-way dildo that is long enough to hang clothes on. And the soprano of ridiculous copulatory vocalization. You can, if you have the acting chops of Meryl Streep. To my earlier point about copulatory vocalization, if your woman goes at bpm, give her a damn Oscar already.

How do you know if the other girl is also a lesbian? You ask. What if she gets insulted by the question? If only you know the number of people who have asked me this follow-up question right after the former. Labels should be reserved for jars.

Answers to Your Questions For a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality

That may never be. Categorising people is convenient. Discriminatory, but convenient. Even target segmentation on credit card application forms have less options. I attended Sunday school long before I realised I was different. I ask for straight folks to try to understand the root of the question. By virtue of our sexuality, it is ingrained in a good number of us to be considerate to straight people. Have you ever thought that perhaps, we have to ask because the last thing we want is to offend you further by coming on to you if you were not gay?

Have you ever tried hitting on the opposite sex only to have him or her, removed of all grace, respond blatantly with a grossed out expression?

11 questions you’ve always wanted to ask a lesbian, but felt too scared to

There are girl-only parties you can go to google but I am in two minds about this. I wish we could meet by the aisle of a bookstore at the shelf of Mystery and Crime. You want to know why gay people have such a reputation of being party animals? We have nowhere else to go. How did you out yourself to your family? I hired a PR agency, held a press conference, and gave out press kits.

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It was an accident. I was 23 years old and my mum walked in on me crying a river. Instinctively, she knew it was about a breakup.

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It was between that, or a badly placed pimple on my nose. You have me. Ma, you stupid or what? Girl ah, you really think I so stupid ah? From that day on, I stopped lying to mum. She stopped fearing the truth which was why she never asked. As a matter of fact, she became a bit too eager about the truth for my comfort. So girl ah, that one boobs very big legs very long one also your ex-girlfriend?

I have an incredible family who was supportive from day one and told me that as long as the person I was dating was kind, loving and intelligent, they did not care which gender they were. My friends were the same.

11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian - w/ Cameron Esposito

They did not care, although they were quite surprised. I did find that I lost a few heterosexual friends, but not because of prejudice because we had less in common. Did you ever feel uncomfortable growing up when your friends all started talking about boys constantly? Actually, no. Over time, some of my straight friends and I lost touch due to not having the ability to talk about boys, or me feeling awkward sharing about girls, but the true, long-term friends will always be around!

Where do you find potential partners? I wish I had a better answer for you than Tinder… but I do not. This is the most difficult problem for the lesbian and bisexual community. It is difficult to meet people, and the community is so small that most lesbians know each other, which makes things complicated, to say the least.

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Over time, as you get older, you might start to notice more, but it, unfortunately, is a very small dating pool, especially since a lot of girls are not out. There is also an app called Her, tailored to female relationships, but it is also quite limited since we are in a smaller city. Unless you go to gay bars in Toronto my favourite is Crews , you are stuck in the online dating sector.

It is completely unrealistic to believe that sexuality is so cut and dry. You are able to choose your identity, and I choose to identify as a lesbian. I would say that it is important to be with someone because of the emotional connection, and see if the physical connection follows suit. Be honest, most women will understand and will be, frankly, used to it. But if you get a woman who is more persistent, act as you would with any other unwanted sexual advance, walk away.

Yes of course it is! If you identify as a straight female, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex physically. That is how my sexuality started out; I was curious about my attraction towards women, but it is not like that for everyone.

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I'm a straight woman, but I'm sexually attracted to girls. I just don't connect on an emotional level so I don't think that I could be in a relationship with another girl. What does this mean? I have heard this before, but I think it can also be person to person there are a lot of guys that are not great either haha. It is important that you should just focus on meeting someone you do connect with emotionally, and you should also make sure that your view is not skewed by societal standards and expectations that may keep you from connecting to a woman.

I have always been very delicate in separating potential partners from friends. I have a lot of very beautiful straight friends, and I would never want to blur the line or make them uncomfortable, so I have just gone for women who already know their sexual identity.

Ugh, the existential question every lesbian has. There is no system forever knowing, but over time you learn social cues and references that might mean that a girl wants you as more than a friend. Usually, I just ask if they have a boyfriend or try to learn more about them and see where it goes, but sometimes you literally have to be flirty or just ask. Of course, you could develop feelings for any person, of any gender or sexual orientation, but I find it very attractive when I know a girl is interested in me and wants me the same way I want her.

What are the perks of being a lesbian? Boys are so annoying and I hate that I love them so there's that…. Do you feel that lesbian relationships, even though both parties are female, there are still gender roles? Like one partner is a little more female and the other more male in terms of dominance, holding open the door, killing the spider?