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It was a yap fest in the dark room as the two men walked among the cages of excited dogs. They had flashlights and were examining the cards on the cages, looking for certain canines. The fancier the breed, the better. After a half hour, they had what they wanted and took the large box out to their van. They slid the box into the back and drove off. In the morning, the kennel employees would realize they had been robbed. When people get to a certain age, they shouldn't be doing anything dangerous to their health.

Okay, in all fairness, I was in a dangerous business. My private investigating firm had its share of dangerous cases, especially when it came to murder. I have this curse, murder seems to follows me. Or, so my wife keeps telling me. But I'm getting away from the point.

I get involved in dangerous activities, and this was one of them. No, not murder or any such thing that would glorify my situation. I brought out the ladder from the garage and proceeded to try and change the spotlight on the corner of the house, the one that lights the driveway at night.

I really should have had someone hold the ladder for me, but I'm a careful person.

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Or so I thought. I was only about five feet off the ground when I turned the wrong way and my foot missed the step. I came down on my left leg and just knew something was wrong when I felt, and heard, the cracking sound from my lower leg. I also knew when I couldn't stand that something was terribly wrong. Penny, my wife and famous talk show host, was out by the pool. The noise from our ugly Greek statue pouring water into the koi pond was just loud enough to cover my cries for help. I pulled my cell phone out and dialed her.

Luckily, she had her phone by the pool with her. Are you getting too lazy to come talk to me in person? She did that a lot. Okay, dispense with the pleasantries, I need help out front. It seems I broke my leg and I could use you out here now. I replied. I heard her hang up and I waited. Shortly, she came around the side of the house and over to me on my back, flat out on the ground. She helped me to sit, then tried to bring me up to my feet.

As soon as I put weight on my left leg, I went down again. The pain was worse than when I fell the first time. I hated pain, so I gasped for her to call for help. She dialed , and then called my office to see if Buck was in.

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He was, so she told him what happened and he said he'd be right out. Damn, Jim, you should know better than to climb a ladder without someone to help, he said, half grinning. You could have called me. I didn't want to disturb anyone. My vacation is getting boring and all I've done is odd jobs around the house. We heard the EMS unit roaring up the street, sirens blaring. I was pretty much known by the medical teams as they have been to my house numerous times to patch up criminals. They pulled into the drive and came over to me.

Got to watch out for those dangerous criminal ladders, the other tech said as they studied my leg.

Strip Club Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels) (Volume 7)

I winced in pain as they probed and pulled. Yep, it looks broken, one man said and they brought out the inflatable splint and put it around my leg. Then they brought out the gurney and carefully put me on it. Buck yelled, I'll bring Penny to the hospital after she changes. Anyone you want me to call?

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They go to talk to the suspect and end up having to break up a domestic fight and then find out the suspect may have an alibi. Gus goes out on his own and finds a place where the missing man could be hiding, and why he was hiding. He travels to northern Michigan and discovers a dark secret involving the man, his wife and their family. This is the third novella in the Gus Mackie series. Has the daughter been kidnapped by a cousin of the king, a duke who wants to take over ruling the small monarchy by force?

Or has the girl just run away from the pressures of being a princess?

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Bernie helps Gus in the quest to find the girl safely as the two men follow the trail. Will they find her alive and well, or will they miss her as she is spirited away to parts unknown. This is the second novella in the Gus Mackie series. Gus Mackie is not a Hollywood type private investigator, he not good looking, muscle bound or full of knowledge. His cases are few and far between but he gets free rent by living in his office.

His closest friend is a Native-American Police Detective who acts as his conscience and covers his ass from getting in trouble. Should he follow the cheating secretary, who may have the necklace and turn her in? Things get more complicated when someone is murdered and now Gus has to expose the killer. Was it the husband or the secretary. Or was it a man who fences stolen goods, just to get the valuable necklace. Gus has his hands full and between breaking and entering various places, his car is giving him headaches. This is the first novella of the series of Gus Mackie books.

This is the fourth year of the festival and the first year for my book.

Classmate Murders Bob Moats

There were 11 categories and over 45 winners. Video Trailer for the book "Trick or Treat Murders". To see the trailer, click the picture on the left to bring the video from Youtube. All of the my Murder Novel books are now available in paperback! To find them, do a search on the name Bob Moats to see the list of all the books in both ebook and paperback. On December 1st I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Casey Ryan on his podcast. This is my attempt to make a video about my books, spoofing those James Patterson commercials that run on TV.

To View the commercial I made, click the picture on the left to go to Youtube. Book 6 is now Available! From a mysterious young boy who smuggled himself along with the carnival trucks, to the crazed killers coming to take him back. How will they protect the boy and will the fortune told by the old gypsy woman given to Sarah, bring a terrible revelation. Sarah discovers a good change in her life, but will it be a problem for her and Dave and will they accept the boy into their lives. Lois brings out her Ouija board that spells trouble, will they heed the spirit's warning? Dave calls for help from his FBI friend, Warren Stevens and they do their best to head off the killers before they get into town, ruining Halloween night for everyone.