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The way this book read, I almost felt as though someone was trying to convince me that their life was a complete fairytale with only minor setbacks here and there. For the majority of the book I felt Celine did not truly acknowledge hardships that a new artist would face. Any sort of obstacle that presented itself was Let me start out by saying that I love the music that Celine Dion makes, and I have to say that she puts on an amazing show.

Any sort of obstacle that presented itself was dismissed in just one sentence. It wasn't until three-fourths of the way through that I really felt a true vulnerability in her words when she was describing the period where her husband's health was at risk. All that to say is that after reading this autobiography I have no doubt that Celine Dion is an extremely ambitious woman. I am also sure we will be priviledged to hear her music for years to come. Apr 10, Steven rated it it was amazing. Celine is my idol and my hero. Apr 18, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: bio-and-autobiography-books , non-fiction-book-challenge.

Celine was the youngest in the Dion family of 14 children. Her youngest twin siblings and her are 6 years apart. Her mother was semi resentful of her due to the fact she thought she was done raising children. However, as seeing by reading the book both mother and daughter would share a special bond which would last for life. Children in the Dion family were always listening to and playing music, it was a part of everyday life. Though some of the Dion brothers would form a band which would not last long, Celine was the one in the family whose singing career would go places.

It would be in such a way as this that Rene Angelil would hear and soon become manager to Celine and her singing career. Not being the best student in the world, Celine never gave too much in her studies. She was more forced on her singing and her wanting to be a singer.

My Life Was Once My Dream

Rene would help Celine do what was required by law for schooling. Working with Rene, Celine grew an attachment to him and her mother was not too pleased. She thought it was just a typical crush but Celine knew it was more and it was serious. Though through all the hardships and good times, family and friends knew it was the real thing. On December 17, they finally tied the knot. While married Celine would have to face hardships like Rene getting cancer, but with prayer and hope he pulled through.

But like everything else with rest, self-discipline and moderation.

And finally the most important impacted on her, becoming pregnant. The book ends with her becoming pregnant with Rene Charles jr. A very heartwarming and touching book that made me laugh, cry and just really see more to Celine than just a singer with a great voice. Jun 28, Nancy Bandusky rated it it was ok. This is a rather boring look at a famous singer. While her music may inspire, her life is not to be idolized with her excessive desire for more and more.

More fame, more money, more houses, more pampered lifestyles. When damage to her voice occurs, one hopes that it is a wake-up call but her story quickly gets right back into the m This is a rather boring look at a famous singer. When damage to her voice occurs, one hopes that it is a wake-up call but her story quickly gets right back into the more, more, more philosophy.

Overall, it leaves the reader with the idea one has just read about her itinerary music and love life instead of about her. There is a lot of superficial but not much depth. Mar 11, Sepideh Sahebsara rated it it was amazing. Merged review: good so good. I am a recovered Celine Dion addict. The book was wonderful. Apr 22, Sj rated it liked it Shelves: memoirs.

I have loved Celine Dion since I was a little girl. I have been in love with her voice and her music for as long as I can remember. Celine mentions in her biography that its tricky when you meet your idols because things can go south so fast. I have never met Celine Dion, but I feel like I know her better though her biography.

I like that she seems more real to me I have loved Celine Dion since I was a little girl. I like that she seems more real to me now. So I guess that means that I liked this biography. Based on everything I knew about Celine before reading her biography and everything I now know about her from reading it, I know that Rene Angelil is super duper important to her.

But I felt that this biography was too centered around Rene and not enough about Celine and the music, or her family, or her process.

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I feel like she wants to take us on the magical, romantic, fairytale love between she and Rene, but their relationship didn't read like that to me. There is background information, but it is very heavy Rene. I like the part where she talks about her "singing robot" and "the honeymoon period with songs. I also like the parts where she talks about her secret rituals and her relationship with her Mom. I wish there was more of all of that and a lot less of the Rene romance.

One thing I didn't realize was how sheltered Celine's life has been. She started singing with Rene when she was 12 and soon after that, he had completely taken over her life, meaning she didn't have to make any decisions. She went where she was told to go and everything was always taken care of for her.

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I had no idea that she was so sheltered. She mentions how she is not someone who dwells on the past, she only looks forward. As I read that, I thought to myself how envious I am of that. And I realized that she can be that way because of how sheltered she is. While she knows and understands the pain of losing people like her niece Karine, she doesn't know the pain of a breakup, or losing a friend, etc. It is interesting. Overall, if you are a Celine fan, you will like this book. You may not love it, but you will like it. She gave her first performance standing on a kitchen table and dreamed of becoming a superstar.

Few in her field can rival the phenomenal God-given abilities of Celine Dion. Fewer still have experienced the love, sorrow, accomplishments, and ecstasy that have shaped her remarkable life and carried her to the pinnacle of the entertainment world. In 'Celine Dion: My Story, My Dream' Celine takes us backstage, on the road, into the recording studio, and behind the scenes to reveal the hard work that creates the magic.

But her book, much more than a chronicle of early breakthroughs and professional high-water marks, of unforgettable encounters with the luminaries and legends of show business is, first and foremost, a story of love. This talented and beautiful woman who has moved us with her singing now moves us with her words as she tells of growing up in a large, close-knit household fortified in its daily struggles by powerful bonds of heartfelt affection and the family tragedies their shared love enabled them to overcome.

Here, also, Celine recounts warmly and intimately the storybook romance that remains her most enduring passion and greatest joy: Celine's marriage to Rene Angelil, her manager and soul mate. She teels of the devastating pain they both experienced when a doctor informed them that Rene had cancer, and how fighting the disease together helped strengthen their relationship.

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And she shares her joy, anxiety, and breathless anticipation of the impending fulfillment of their most cherished dream: parenthood. A true story of courage, perserverance, dedication, and devotion - told with the wide-eyed honesty of someone who, though she has basked in the glowing adoration of millions of fans, has never lost touch with her working-class roots - Celine Dion: My Story, My Dream is for anyone who has ever wondered about the real person behind the magnificent voice.

Touching and funny, fascinating and uplifting, it is an exquisitely detailed portrait of a remarkable woman who has never backed away from a challenge Sep 16, Greg rated it it was ok. She has to be one of the best singers of our generation, and almost everyone already knows that. In this book, Celine focused more on life after getting discovered and getting signed.

It seemed like it was an easy road for her to get discovered and then get signed to a record label with the way it was written in the first few chapters.

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She also touched on her struggles with conceiving. This book was interesting but focused much on life after discovery and her road to building up her career to who she has become now, a singer and an icon. From this book, Celine appears to be a humble, fortunate, talented singer who works hard for her art, herself, her family, and her friends. Jun 18, Nada rated it liked it Shelves: biography-autobiography-memoir , english , non-fiction , music , challenge.

I've always been a fan of Celine Dion. She's always been a respectful artist with a voice like no other.

The Evolution of a Dream

The first chapters of the book are interesting, delightful and quite enjoyable. I wa I've always been a fan of Celine Dion. Although, I'll always love and respect Celine Dion the amazing artist but her personality -judging from her book- seems like the kind of woman that would only conversate with you about herself and her uninteresting love story. Overall, unsatisfying memoir but good enough if you want to read about Celine from Celine herself. Oct 18, Jaime rated it it was amazing. My sister bought this book for me as a graduation present from high school after we went to the Celine Dion store in Vegas for like the umpteenth time that is my most favorite store she got so annoyed with me and my mom actually laughed in the backseat listening to us threaten each other I actually felt scandalous reading this book the first time..

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You have to pave your own path if you want it to last Feb 13, Alex Vasai rated it liked it. I "found" a perfect singer and lover, devoted to her husband and her voice. I think she deserves to be very rich because she's really the best.