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Isolated occurrence or concomitant presence of DE with other dental anomalies has been reported. DE commonly affects permanent teeth and is rarely seen in primary dentition. Treatment may be conservative or radical. Serological tests were pi. HI tests revealed sero. Post- den emergence behavior of polar bears Ursus maritimus in Northern Alaska. During 40 sessions spanning h, we observed 8 adults and 14 dependent cubs outside dens for Following initial den breakout, polar bears remained at their den sites for 1.

The average length of stay in dens between emergent periods was significantly shorter in 1. While outside, adult bears were inactive We found no significant relationships between den emergence activity and weather. Results for these bears were within the range of findings in other studies of denned polar bears. Den site activity patterns of adult male and female swift foxes, Vulpes velox, in Northwestern Texas.

Activity of Swift Foxes Vulpes velox at den sites was studied in northwestern Texas during pup rearing seasons in and to determine role of males in parental care. Twenty-four percent of radio-collared females with a potential to breed successfully raised pups to eight weeks of age. We intensively monitored presence and absence of male and female Swift Foxes at two den sites each year. Female and male Swift Foxes largely stayed at dens during diurnal hours and were active away from dens during nocturnal and crepuscular hours. Females and males spent Decrease in time spent at the den by the female following loss of her mate suggested that loss of one parent might severely impact recruitment of Swift Foxes.

Our observations indicated that intense Coyote Canis latrans depredation may severely impact pup-rearing success as well as the parental care within Swift Fox family groups. Habitat characteristics at den sites of the Point Arena mountain beaver Aplodontia rufa nigra. The Point Arena mountain beaver Aplodontia rufa nigra is a federally listed endangered species, but has been the subject of few studies. Mountain beavers use burrows that include a single subterranean den.

Foremost among the information needs for this subspecies is a description of the above-ground habitat features associated with dens. Polar bears Ursus maritimus give birth during mid-winter in dens of ice and snow.

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Denning polar bears subjected to human disturbances may abandon dens before their altricial young can survive the rigors of the Arctic winter. Because the Arctic coastal plain of Alaska is an area of high petroleum potential and contains existing and planned oil field developments, the distribution of polar bear dens on the plain is of interest to land managers.

Such habitats were distributed uniformly and comprised 0. Ground-truth sampling suggested that we had correctly identified Knowledge of the distribution of these habitats will help facilitate informed management of human activities and minimize disruption of polar bears in maternal dens. Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel is a federally endangered subspecies that occurs in high elevation forests of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Denning sites may be a limiting factor for this subspecies in areas where cavity trees are not abundant or where interspecific competition from other tree squirrels occurs. This shortage can result in use of unusual denning sites, such as subterranean dens.

Herein, we report atypical denning habits of radio-collared Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels in southwestern Virginia and western North Carolina from to and Increased knowledge of denning habitats may be beneficial for conservation and habitat management of this subspecies, particularly in sub-optimal or degraded habitats. Dens invaginatus in primary maxillary molar: a rare case report and review of literature.

Arztgespräch bei chronischen Schmerzen, Schmerztherapie Rückenschmerzen: Schmerzen reduzieren

Dens invaginatus is a rare developmental anomaly. It is unusual to find this anomaly in primary dentition. Diagnosis of this dens invaginatus is important due to possible pulpal involvement. Not only that, simultaneous presence of other dental anomaly may require long-term treatment planning. Dens invaginatus can be detected clinically in the tooth presenting unusual crown morphology or radiographically as radiopacity within tooth.

This article describes one of the first case reports of dens invaginatus in primary maxillary second molar in a 5-year-old female patient. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent ;5 2 Hibernacula and summer den sites of pine snakes Pituophis melanoleucus in the New Jersey pine barrens.

Burger, J. We examined eight summer dens used only in summer and seven hibernacula occupied both in winter and summer of the snake Pituophis melanoleucus in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, comparing above ground characteristics of hibernacula and summer dens with characteristics at nearby random points. Temperatures at the soil surface and at 10 cm depth were significantly warmer, and there was less leaf cover around the random points compared to the entrances of the hibernacula and summer dens.

Hibernacula had significantly more vegetation cover within 5 m, more leaf cover over the burrow entrance, and were closer to trees than were summer dens. Excavation of the hibernacula and summer dens indicated that most hibernacula appeared to be dug by the snakes and had an average of eight side chambers and cm of tunnels, compared to less than one side chamber and cm of tunnels for summer dens.

Gunther Wenzel

Pine snakes may select optimum hibernation sites which reduce winter mortality. Nach der Applikation von HMP bzw. Die Inhibitoren Disulfiram und Ethanol der o. Enzyme wurde daher zur Modulation der Detoxifizierung in vivo eingesetzt. Typical 2bedroom apartment with entry into den , hallway with Typical 2-bedroom apartment with entry into den , hallway with bathroom and bedrooms right.

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Entry to kitchen left. Typical 2-bedroom apartment with entry into den , hallway with bathroom and bedrooms left , entry to kitchen right - Techwood Homes, Building No.

Typical 1bedroom apartment, from entry hall, den right bedroom Typical 1-bedroom apartment, from entry hall, den right bedroom left , and kitchen not shown on left. Biomechanics of halo-vest and dens screw fixation for type II odontoid fracture. An in vitro biomechanical study of halo-vest and odontoid screw fixation of Type II dens fracture.

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  6. The objective were to determine upper cervical spine instability due to simulated dens fracture and investigate stability provided by the halo-vest and odontoid screw, applied individually and combined. Previous studies have evaluated posterior fixation techniques for stabilizing dens fracture. No previous biomechanical study has investigated the halo-vest and odontoid screw for stabilizing dens fracture. A biofidelic skull-neck-thorax model was used with 5 osteoligamentous whole cervical spine specimens.

    Three-dimensional flexibility tests were performed on the specimens while intact, following simulated dens fracture, and following application of the halo-vest alone, odontoid screw alone, and halo-vest and screw combined. Spinal motions with the dens screw alone could not be differentiated from physiologic limits.

    The present biomechanical data may be. Arctic foxes as ecosystem engineers: increased soil nutrients lead to increased plant productivity on fox dens. Top predators can provide fundamental ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling, and their impact can be even greater in environments with low nutrients and productivity, such as Arctic tundra. We estimated the effects of Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus denning on soil nutrient dynamics and vegetation production near Churchill, Manitoba in June and August Inorganic nitrogen levels decreased from June to August on both dens and controls, whereas extractable phosphorous increased.

    Dens supported 2. By concentrating nutrients on dens Arctic foxes enhance nutrient cycling as an ecosystem service and thus engineer Arctic ecosystems on local scales. The enhanced productivity in patches on the landscape could subsequently affect plant diversity and the dispersion of herbivores on the tundra. Remote identification of maternal polar bear Ursus maritimus denning habitat on the Colville River Delta, Alaska. High resolution digital aerial photographs 1 foot pixel size of the Colville River Delta, Alaska were examined in 3D, with the use of a digital photogrammetric workstation.

    Topographic features meeting the criteria required for adequate snow accumulation, and subsequent construction of terrestrial polar bear maternal dens , were identified and digitized into an ArcGIS line shapefile. Effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy were improved when compared to previous polar bear denning habitat efforts which utilized contact photo prints and a pocket stereoscope in other geographic areas of northern Alaska. Accuracy of photograph interpretation was systematically evaluated visually from the air with the use of a helicopter and physically on the ground.

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    Results show that the mapping efforts were successful in identifying den habitat Knowledge denning habitat can improve and inform decision making by managers and regulators when considering travel and development in the study area. An understanding of polar bear denning habitat extent and location will be a crucial tool for planning activities within the study area in a way that minimizes conflicts with maternal dens. Clinical and quantitative analysis of patients with crowned dens syndrome.

    Crowned dens syndrome CDS is a radioclinical entity defined by calcium deposition on the transverse ligament of atlas TLA. Based on novel criteria, calcium deposition on TLA was classified into "Stage" and "Grade", to make a score, which was evaluated semi-quantitatively.


    The correlation between calcification score and CRP level or pain score, and the effects of treatments, such as NSAIDs and corticosteroids, were statistically analyzed. The lectin from Pisum sativum garden pea is a member of the family of legume lectins. Their quaternary structures, however, show a great diversity which has been subject to cristallographic and theoretical studies. Pea lectin is a dimeric legume lectin with a special structural feature: After folding is completed in the cell, a short amino acid sequence is cut out of a loop, resulting in two independent polypeptide chains in each subunit.

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    Both chains are closely intertwined and form one contiguous structural domain.