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We strive to: Accept ourselves just as we are Stop seeking the approval of others Learn to express our feelings and emotions Create the kind of intimate relationships we really desire Embrace our masculinity and have meaningful relationships with other men Live up to our potential and become truly creative and productive Live with total integrity and authenticity If these are things you want in your life, please join us!

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Nice guy syndrome

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Request to join. See all. Past events When the work becomes too much and you start neglecting activities you enjoy and other relationships, you may lash out in passive-aggressive ways. It could be a backhanded verbal attack with a sticky note or a sudden outburst days after she wronged you. Women are put off severely by unpredictable passive-aggressive behavior. That is the name of one of Dr. The name is spectacular because it rings true and paints such a story in just a few words.

While I found out about the book for relationship and social skills issues, I was surprised to learn that the Nice Guy syndrome can ripple through to your success in other areas of life, such as your profession and wealth. Many Nice Guys assume that they have to conceal any signs of interest with a girl due to their sexual shame. By hiding this, you are reducing or eliminating all chances of romance with the girl by misleading her. You can be tactful and polite about it. For example, how about starting with a compliment about her dress instead?

Robert Glover. Are you telling me I should be a jerk?

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No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover Book Summary & Review (Plus Interview)

Glover asserts that being an asshole is just as bad a dysfunction as the nice guy. Instead, the answer is in the middle. In the digital age, young men have grown up with access to porn. Putting yourself in as many real-life social situations as you can, reading literary fiction, watching good romantic comedies in that order of priority to reflect and learn from reality. At the least, tone down your porn consumption, and stop using it as a crutch to stay in your comfort zone. One of Dr.

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When he did, he was surprised to hear her say yes. Nice Guys are often workaholics or only do stuff to help others. There are more and more Nice Guys than ever before since boys grow up being taught mainly by women and have fewer or zero male role models. Now, men are absent because of divorce, business travel, or death. And most of the teachers in school are female. Also, modern societies are forsaking spiritual male rites of passage and rituals that all men used to have to go through.

The divorce rate is high. We all know this. No doubt some of the cause has to do with choosing women for the wrong reasons. Men usually gravitate to how great a women looks first and consider personality or other factors as an afterthought to their detriment. Never try to get a woman to like you or be with you.

Find a woman that aligns as much with your passion and purpose. Take her in a lot of different situations in your life: public transportation, camping, salsa, and so forth. See if she treats people well. Find out if she is generous to others.

No More Mr Nice Guy : Robert A. Glover :

I found his priorities interesting because those are the top three traits women look for universally based on scientific research. You can see beauty straight away, and it fades over time. What I love about the book is that it comes with dozens of detailed, time-tested exercises for overcoming your Nice Guy tendencies. Glover has helped thousands do it. Write 3 safe people or groups that can provide support for you in your recovery from the Nice Guy Syndrome.

Or consider an Employee Assistance Program. Search up 12 step groups or support groups online. If you know someone who has been in one, ask for information. Write down 3 names and numbers and call them now. Depending on where you live, Google may not work so well. You can search by location and filter by category. One-on-one psychiatrists can get expensive up to hundreds per session , even though they can be effective.

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Also, a group dynamic is especially important and useful for Nice Guy habits. Another alternative is to look for these groups on Meetup. Nice Guy groups and coaches can get costly. If you can afford it, go for it. I suggest being more open-minded in what support groups you would be willing to attend.

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Any general adult anxiety support group could be enough.