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Ali has self-taught 3D for Architectural Viz since and spanned his focus to other fields like creative coding, data-viz, 3D art, and programming. Which aims to explore speculative futurism and emerging forms of inhabiting in virtual space-times as post-humans. By creating a virtual city from ground-up that shapes and grows over time.

Superflux creates worlds, stories, and tools that provoke and inspire us to engage with the precarity of our rapidly changing world. Over the years, the studio has gained critical acclaim for producing work that navigates the entangled wilderness of our technology, politics, culture, and environment to imagine new ways of seeing, being, and acting. En tant que cofondatrice et directrice de Superflux. Andrew Yang is a transdisciplinary artist and biologist working across flux of the naturalcultural.

His projects have been exhibited from Oklahoma to Yokohama, including the 14th Istanbul Biennial and a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago These questions aim to explore a plurality of views on a commonly shared but still highly controversial and emerging topic, asking people to think about their ongoing participation in the world as well as imagining their connections to the future. The in-person, impromptu interview format involves an encounter between familiars as well as strangers, creating a moment of inquiry, dialogue, and the possibility of surprise.

A short opening essay conceptually frames the interview questions, while collages interspersed throughout the zine function as visual prompts for reflecting on the ideas raised throughout the interviews.

Rencontre avec Antoine Bertrand, créateur de Pheal

Andrew Yang est un artiste transdisciplinaire et biologiste travaillant sur les flux de la culture naturelle. She is founder of Poptronics in , new media for hacktive cultures, and chief editor of Makery, media for labs, from til She publishes in December a bilingual book on Poptronics, an anarchive of 10 years of digital freedoms. Ariel has written several books, including Employment is dead, long live work!

Koosha has released a number of electronic albums and innovative projects since , after a few years of working as sound designer and experimentalist.

Pheal : le pitch

He is currently working on the implementation of artificial intelligence in musical pieces via virtual personalities. As a technologist i have found two projects that has been pioneering in the field of digital arts, one is the VR Album and VR performance shows which marked the first Virtual Reality live concert and visualisation of music in the world. The second is called YONA an artificial intelligence Singer that is exploring the idea of Human and Machine collaboration in creative processes. His multidisciplinary experience is geared towards providing nuanced solutions to some of the complex problems human society would continue to face as the technologies that support us continue to evolve in response to our needs.

His current research interests include open source frame works and platforms for digital fabrication, real world applications of block-chain and artificial intelligence technologies, and e-learning solutions that straddle those worlds. The collaborative learning space will have a primary focus on digital design and fabrication through hands on modules on designing with digital tools, and digital fabrication using 3d printers, laser cutters and CNC machines, and a secondary focus on programming and interactive media.

Production facilities would also be made available to members and participants for commercial use. This is in response to the direct threat to livelihood that automation and the ongoing 4th industrial revolution poses to African communities that are largely unprepared to participate gainfully in the ongoing change and the need for active initiatives to stem the tide and empower African creatives in shaping their own future.

Bayo Akomolafe Ph. Bayo was born in into a Christian home, and to Yoruba parents in western Nigeria. He sought to apply himself to the extremes of his social conditioning, his faith, and his eventual training as a clinical psychologist — only to find that something else beyond articulation was tugging at his sleeves, wanting to be noticed. He considers this a shared art — exploring the edges of the intelligible, dancing with posthumanist ideas, dabbling in the mysteries of quantum mechanics and the liberating sermon of an ecofeminism text, and talking with others about how to host a festival of radical silence on a street in London — and part of his inner struggle to regain a sense of rootedness to his community.

He also hosts a course We Will Dance with Mountains among other offerings.

In the middle, where we must live with confusion and make do with partial answers. His greatest vocation is however learning to be a satellite orbiting his greatest gift, his goddess Ijeoma, and knowing the blessings of her gravity. Since , the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University has brought writers, artists, and other creative thinkers into collaboration with scientists, engineers, and technologists to create visions of the future that are inspiring, inclusive, and technically grounded.

The book featured 17 original stories created by teams of top science fiction authors and experts in fields ranging from structural engineering to climate science, and was named a Most Significant Futures Work by the Association of Professional Futurists. Art historian and artistic director Brigitte van der Sande has an interdisciplinary approach of international cultural topics, and seeks new connections between different worlds and audiences.

She works for art institutions, cultural organisations and public services, besides initiating her own projects. It was during her travels in the Middle East and Africa ten to twelve years ago that Van der Sande encountered a growing number of makers and thinkers in conflict and war zones who use science fiction to imagine, research and build other futures.

Symbols, Capricorn and the Festival Week

It kicked off with the exhibition Creating Other Futures , the storytelling event New Narratives for Climate Action and the three-day festival Other Futures at several locations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Catherine Dufour is a french author of short fictions and novels. She is also a computer engineer and writes reviews for Le Monde diplomatique.

Pheal : le pitch

Since , she has been involved in a multi-faceted reflection on the society of tomorrow, Extricating our futur , within the Zanzibar science fiction collective. Chris Julien works as research director at Waag. As a member of the management team he is responsible for the collective research agenda and methodology of Waag.

His ability to translate philosophical vistas into concrete projects makes him a playmaker at the institution. In it, individuals as ethical actors are placed centre-stage throughout the entire chain of research, design and implementation of social innovation. Before his role at Waag, Chris worked as finance director of the Studio 80 foundation, co-founded Novel Creative Consultancy and research new ways of working at FreedomLab.

Chris Julien travaille comme directeur de recherche chez Waag. Dan is also a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art, London. For more than 20 years, the DTN has facilitated more than a leadership, innovation and scenario planning sessions on four continents, leading to groundbreaking strategic initiatives as well as breakthrough innovation. DTN—together with Erasmus. He is a visiting Professor at the Ashridge Business School and has been a Fellow of the Rotterdam School of Management, where he taught leadership, innovation and thinking about the future.

DTN, avec Erasmus. Daniel Kaplan, 56, is a futurist and entrepreneur, with one leg in innovation, and another in fiction.

He ran it until , when he started working on what would become the Plurality University. This is a learning community and a gathering place for all who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture.

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Together, we study the mess the world is in, not as a set of discrete problems to be solved, but as a tangled and humbling predicament. We follow the roots of this predicament deep into history, uncovering the buried assumptions which have shaped our ways of seeing and being in the world, catching sight of the possibilities those assumptions hid from view. We learn from artists, philosophers, community builders, improvisors, historians and poets. Looking for a term to bridge these worlds, we call ourselves a school for culturemakers.

We cultivate the art of invitation, hospitality and friendship, finding here the seeds of other ways of being human together. HOME is a small school, a school the shape of a pocket, centred on the conviviality of the kitchen table. At present, scholars come to spend a week together with us in groups of around 20 to In , we intend to begin offering an ongoing programme in which a group commits to a series of week-long gatherings over a two-year period.

Beyond that, our hope is to establish a permanent home for HOME that will allow us to host a wider range of gatherings, conversations and shared enquiries. Within Civic Innovation Network Ellen has the creative lead on the process of collectively building future stories with and for Brussels citizens, to trigger people to think critically about what comes next and stimulate them to work towards it together.

Besides, she works as a speaker, writer and art director. The next generation is the main inspiration and motivation in her work. As author of the Youth Trend Report , and , she got recognized for unraveling the drives and aspirations of youngsters and their communities. In she did the art direction for a Plan A manifestation with participants asking the city of Antwerp for more citizen participation.

In several personal projects she researches the relationship of people with technology and experiments with new ways of storytelling. Elliott P. Montgomery is a futures-researcher and strategic designer whose work focuses on speculative alternatives at the confluence of social, technological and environmental impact. The course demonstrates new valuable symbioses between social research and speculative design approaches.

Emile is a partner and director at nova7, an urban innovation consultancy working to make cities better places to live in. He develops participatory approaches to explore the futures of urban life. He leads user research projects to understand the way people move about, live, work, and interact in cities.

French-English Dictionary (35, Entries) | Nature

And he also designs services or public policies to tackle the critical issues we are facing today. Estelle Hary is a designer whose practice mixes design fiction and co-design approaches to explore the interplay of technology and society and create spaces of discussions around emerging techno-social issues in order to imagine alternative presents. She co-founded the studio Design Friction, where she conducts participatory projects on artificial intelligence and food technologies among other things. Felwine Sarr is a Senegalese scholar and writer.

His academic work focuses on economic politics, epistemology and the history of religious ideas. He is the co-founder of the publishing house Jimsaan.

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Before, he worked as a teacher in history. Futuribles International is a private and independent think-tank created in and located in Paris. It aims to integrate long-term thinking in decision-making and action. Futuribles produces foresight analyses on main transformations of the contemporary world. These analyses are published in the Futuribles journal created in and on the Futuribles website.