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That is, compared to purely scholarly reports there is less emphasis on reviewing related work, theory, methods description, complex analyses, and academic…. The issue of how firm growth is achieved and managed, and what consequences it has for different stakeholders is both theoretically interesting and practically important. The book…. For more information or to register for this event please visit the AICC site.

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Halfbrick is the creator of hit game Fruit Ninja, which has been downloaded more than million times…. This event is to be held Thurday 11 April in Brisbane. Enterprise Connect support the placement of researchers from universities or public research agencies into businesses, to help develop and implement a new idea with commercial potential. For me, the conference was a real shot in the arm. It got me out of my workplace and engaged with people from around the world doing really interesting research and bringing challenging and thought-provoking ideas.

This was the first time that the Academy of Management had been held in Africa. The conference was focused around four themes. ACE is increasing its influence on the premier journal on entrepreneurship, Journal of Business Venturing. ENYA are also…. The series of ACE research vignettes is aimed at sharing current and interesting research findings from our team of international Entrepreneurship researchers.

In this vignette, Dr. Mervyn Morris considers the impact on family business operations due to the sudden and unexpected death of a key family member.

Family business dominates…. The 8th ACE research paper development conference, held December at Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island, , was deemed by all participants to be a great success. Do you have a business with overseas customers and are willing to share some of your online tactics for international success? One of our own QUT researchers, and member of ACE , has launched a national survey into small to medium enterprises SMEs and is keen to hear from businesses with up to employees who have delved into the…. Dating back to the middle of the 19th century, the IMechE is a governing body that shapes the profession of engineering around the world and helps to disseminate knowledge in this domain.

Independent of both government and….

If you would like to view their keynote presentations then please visit the ACE on iTunes U where you will have access to these videos as well as other…. ACE research fellow Scott Gordon was a delegate to the conference, and reports on the meeting. This research and policy conference was organized by Dr. Ayman El…. ACE was delighted to host a rather impromptu visit and seminar by a leading Chinese entrepreneurship scholar, Professor Zhong-Ming Wang.

Professor Wang is Professor and Director of the…. Background and Research Question Out of perceived financial necessity as well as creative ability, business founders often apply improvised,…. Please note that when you enter your details on the registration form you can generate an invoice for the pay later option, payment must be made within 7 days of early bird closing to…. Sam Senior and James Robertson were crowned the national Big Break champions this month in Melbourne after tackling a…. Apply Now through December 15 to get priority review!! Click to Apply Now!

Springboard: Australia is a relationship-building community accelerator designed exclusively for women-led…. RiverPitch is a Brisbane community of investors formed to help the early stage and startup sector access funding who see themselves as filling a gap between current Angel investment and Venture Capital. Their goal is to bring a different approach to capital funding in Brisbane. By bringing together pre-screened investors and pre-screened….

Participants will get a practical insight into the leading-edge thinking approaches used by Deloitte to remain competitive in an evolving market, and establish…. A very old paper — in fact, dating back to my first ever publication during my PhD — seems to be making at least some impact. The paper proposes an….

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This was in competition with papers submitted to the conference, approximately a third of which were conceptual — that is, idea developing rather than fact finding…. Generally regarded as the premier conference in the field of management science, it attracted thousands of management scholars to flock to Boston and present their work, attend professional development workshops, and network with their peers. Innovation is vital to advancing living standards and wealth creation. While innovation occurs in many guises, business plays a leading role in creating innovation and translating it into useful applications for the market.

Business innovate when knowledge is commercialized, usually in the form of new products, services, processes or…. Radio Entrepreneurs is a radio talk show highlighting the stories of entrepreneurship. The show focuses on entrepreneurs of all kinds, stories of success, and provides listeners with advise and insight from experts. The Radio Entrepreneur community is one of sharing and learning together.

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Each week, entrepreneurs come together over…. Professor Bucolo who has a background in design, manufacturing and commercialisation said the biggest challenge facing the…. We are currently looking at better ways to communicate research findings to practitioners. ACE researcher Lauren Isaak is conducting a study designed to discover how research-based communications could be made more accessible to practitioners. Focusing on the communication of entrepreneurship research, the study will seek insights from….

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But a better starting point is to think about what gets in the way of innovation, especially in firms that already have lots of talented, creative, and motivated people. In other words, by identifying and removing barriers,…. Resolving complaints might seem like a hard way to make a dollar, but Handle My Complaint is building a…. The piece questions whether Microcredit can effectively solve…. Is entrepreneurship a discipline that can be taught and learnt?

The thousands of entrepreneurship courses available around the world would seem to support this line of thinking, but research findings in both developed and developing countries have been inconsistent in estimating the effectiveness of education and training on…. However, if we understand entrepreneurship as being about the discovery and exploitation of opportunities, there…. We all know the deadline, and then we shut down everything here. The whole thing is built up to be broken down. Probably the most comprehensive cross-national set of new business survival rates or more correctly, one year persistence rates has been collected by the OECD Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme.

The biannual Schumpeter conference, held in Brisbane from July , opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurship scholars for collaboration with the broader evolutionary economics community. The conference brought together more than delegates for a couple of days of lively discussion and debate at the University of Queensland…. Green Templeton College hosted the event, while the delegates had their accommodation at Harris Manchester College. The Dean is selected through the votes of permanent faculty members. The call for abstracts opened on 4 July and will close on 19 August.

ACERE aims to be a highly….

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Entrepreneurship research is growing and developing. She argues that it could be an issue of perception. Read Now. Statement Starts: The Gillard Government will deliver a range of tax reforms and…. One such example is Dr.

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Amanda Elam, who is now working…. This year the conference was held in conjunction with the DIANA Project, providing participants with a wider range of conference streams. The conference was hosted at the University of Notre Dame, where the campus,…. ACE is currently working on establishing a number of projects related to indigenous entrepreneurship. These projects are still in early development and we welcome any early interest from you in helping is support the development of these projects. Associate Professor Paul Steffens in leading this research.

It seems to us that the growth,…. Founding a new venture is not easy. Surviving the first few years and eventually growing a business is an equally demanding task. In order to successfully run a business, entrepreneurs must be competent in a number of skills given that they have to combine different resources such as physical and financial capital, people and ideas….

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Held in February each year — the summer break in the southern hemisphere and a particularly good time to escape cold weather conditions for our northern hemisphere colleagues — the conference welcomes researchers and research users from Australia…. Details of these can be found at their website. The report captures the views of business leaders. New research paints a rosy picture of the state of entrepreneurship in Australia, and points to Australian women as being the most entrepreneurial in the world. The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is a unique and powerful project-based online learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.

Embraced by academic and economic development organizations throughout the US, the Ice…. Global Startup Rates Going Down. The findings reinforce the importance of initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship…. The last few weeks have seen both the Q awards and the Brisbane YoungEntrepreneur of the Year awards. We certainly congratulate all winners, as well as everyone who participated in these awards.

Clearly it shows that entrepreneurship and the pursuit of business excellence is alive and well in Queensland. Details of the Q awards can…. The research…. Professor Per Davisson from The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research argues that we would see more successful private companies if they were to adopt research based knowledge.

Imagine a world where doctors learned their profession early in life and then stopped caring about the science of medicine.