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Mozart – Complete String quartet no.3 in G major K156 for piano solo

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Entergy Kids Ticket. Examples 6 and 15 are quoted from Mozart, Streichquartette , i, ed. Abel, Carl Friedrich, Quartett [ i ] del Sig.

Carlo Federico Abel. Barbici, Michele, 12 Quartetti. Brussels, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Bibliotheek, Antonio de Almeida Diletto Musicale, ; Vienna, Brunetti, Gaetano, Nine Symphonies , ed. Newell Jenkins The Symphony, —; ser. A, vol. Modena, Biblioteca Estense, Mus. Horst Heussner Diletto Musicale 94—5, —20, —9; Vienna, — III , ed. Guglielmi, Pietro Alessandro, Quartetto 4 del Sig. Pietro Guglielmi. Kammel, Anton, Quartett [ o ] del Sig. Hammell [ sic ]. Giuseppe Michl.

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String Quartet No.3 in G, K.156 - III Tempo di Menuetto

The first to identify any analytical detail that might demonstrate a qualitative leap in Op. As the quartets Op. Open in new tab Download slide.

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This has not, however, been underlined by scholarly publications on the topic. Where so few authors have managed to pinpoint the originality of Op. Mark Evan Bonds, in an article on these quartets and the question of influence, mentions some presumed similarities between Op. Neither in Op. Mozart did not need to go back to the older genres to become acquainted with it.

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The first type is the simplest. The second and third types, by contrast, require more harmonic and melodic changes in the recapitulation before reaching the caesura bars. The first type with its Scharnier bar Ex. In his Viennese quartets, this strict symmetry is suspended. Winter points out that the complementary bifocal close is used less frequently during the s and s by other composers. His assumptions, however, are based exclusively upon works available in modern editions, mainly symphonies and keyboard works.

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The first is the above-mentioned example by Rosen from the B minor quartet Ex. At the same time, the accompanying quavers in the first violin bb. Even at the very beginning of the movement the intrinsic relationship between subject and accompaniment is subliminally present. Then in bar 11 a short figure with dotted semiquavers is introduced and repeated in the following bars, seemingly without being of greater importance Ex. Later in the movement, in the recapitulation, this figure reveals itself as one of the central motifs of the movement bb.

The same happens in the following six bars bb. Later, in bars 27—32 Ex. Here the musical foreground and background are exchanged. The principal motif serves as an accompaniment for what had originally been presented as a mere embellishment. Another example: later in the movement, in the dominant key area bb.

At the same time, the first violin seems to fill the harmony with rather ancillary crotchets bb. When this is repeated in bars 51—4 Ex. Again, the background changes into the foreground. Haydn, String Quartet in C major, Op. Apparently, it was this new dialectical relationship between important and unimportant elements—or, in other words, the latent importance of at first glance unimportant details in the musical process—which impacted on Mozart.

Mozart could just as well have proceeded diatonically by writing two crotchets, a dotted crotchet with a quaver, or a crotchet with two quavers. The intrinsic reason for these passing notes becomes evident only in retrospect, quite a while later. In bars 13—14 the seeming embellishment becomes part of a purposive development when the second to fourth quavers are separated and imitated in the violins Ex.

This leads to a new, emphatically chromatic motif in bars 16— Another detail is partly linked with this. In the first violin, the first half of bar 9 is a variant of bar 3 cf. Five bars later, in bar 30, this new double-mordent figure from bar 25 is played legato in the cello, preparing in turn the inverted legato semiquaver figuration in bars 39—41 Ex.