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The film director, on a separate date, goes to Liverpool to shoot location shots of the real Penny Lane, with some of that footage spliced in with the sequences featuring the Beatles, to give the illusion that The Beatles are walking along the real Penny Lane. On this occasion they were comedian Spike Milligan and ventriloquist Peter Brough.

Starr appeared during the opening credits and in a number of skits.

Starr and Black duetted unaccompanied on the song Nellie Dean while he drank from a pint of beer, and finally they sang and danced to a song entitled Do You Like Me? He used his own echo as a rhythmic feel.

Recording: She’s Leaving Home – The Beatles Bible

This took nine takes to get right, because the players had a hard time hitting the note at the exact same moment. The last take was dubbed best, and then overdubbed thrice, so the effect is that of nine pianos played by 12 men. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

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Arrow Created with Sketch. Calendar Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch. November 24, , Madras [now Chennai], India. Formed around the nucleus of Lennon and McCartney, who first performed together in Liverpool in , the group grew out of a shared enthusiasm for American rock and roll. Like most early rock-and-roll figures, Lennon, a guitarist and singer, and McCartney, a bassist and singer, were largely self-taught as musicians.

Precocious composers, they gathered around themselves a changing cast of accompanists, adding by the end of Harrison, a lead guitarist, and then, in for several formative months, Sutcliffe, a promising young painter who brought into the band a brooding sense of bohemian style. In autumn Brian Epstein, a local Liverpool record store manager, saw the band and fell in love.

Unshakably convinced of their commercial potential, Epstein became their manager and proceeded to bombard the major British music companies with letters and tape recordings of the band, finally winning a contract with Parlophone, a subsidiary of the giant EMI group of music labels.

Throughout the winter and into the spring of , the Beatles continued their rise to fame in England by producing spirited recordings of original tunes and also by playing classic American rock and roll on a variety of British Broadcasting Corporation radio programs.

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In these months, fascination with the Beatles—at first confined to young British fans of popular music—breached the normal barriers of taste, class, and age, transforming their recordings and live performances into matters of widespread public comment. In the fall of that year, when they belatedly made a couple of appearances on British television, the evidence of popular frenzy prompted British newspapermen to coin a new word for the phenomenon: Beatlemania.

In early , after equally tumultuous appearances on American television , the same phenomenon erupted in the United States and provoked a so-called British Invasion of Beatles imitators from the United Kingdom.

How India and a Shady Guru Changed the Beatles Forever

Beatlemania was something new. Musicians performing in the 19th century certainly excited a frenzy—one thinks of Franz Liszt —but that was before the modern mass media created the possibility of collective frenzy. Later pop music idols, such as Michael Jackson in the mids and Garth Brooks in the s, sold similarly large numbers of records without provoking anything approaching the hysteria caused by the Beatles.

Indeed, their transformative social and cultural influence was even recognized among the upper echelons of political power. In each of the four Beatles was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE , having been recommended for the honour by British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and despite a brief storm of protest by some previous recipients, mainly military veterans, against what they perceived as a lowering of the dignity of the royal order.


The popular hubbub proved to be a spur, convincing Lennon and McCartney of their songwriting abilities and sparking an outpouring of creative experimentation all but unprecedented in the history of rock music, which until then had been widely regarded, with some justification, as essentially a genre for juveniles. Between and the music of the Beatles rapidly changed and evolved, becoming ever more subtle, sophisticated, and varied.

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In the Beatles retired from public performing to concentrate on exploiting the full resources of the recording studio. A year later, in June , this period of widely watched creative renewal was climaxed by the release of Sgt. More than a band of musicians, the Beatles had come to personify, certainly in the minds of millions of young listeners, the joys of a new counterculture of hedonism and uninhibited experimentation—with music and with new ways of life. Various members of the band in these years flirted with mind-expanding drugs such as LSD and also with exotic spiritual exercises such as transcendental meditation , a technique taught to them by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , a barnstorming guru from India.

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In those years the Beatles effectively reinvented the meaning of rock and roll as a cultural form. At the same time, the original songs the Beatles wrote and recorded dramatically expanded the musical range and expressive scope of the genre they had inherited. After and the eruption of student protest movements in countries as different as Mexico and France , the Beatles insensibly surrendered their role as de facto leaders of an inchoate global youth culture.

They nevertheless continued for several more years to record and release new music and maintained a level of popularity rarely rivaled before or since.