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Or did they? If it is a planet, it is no Earth. It is also extremely cold and embedded in a field of debris.

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To make matters more interesting, additional observations by the remarkable ALMA observatory in northern Chile suggest there are two planets in the Fomalhaut system. Much science remains to be sorted out in this fascinating stellar system.


But as you now know, there is much going on around this pure white first-magnitude star flickering above the southern horizon. It is also the third-brightest star in the heavens, after the Sun and Pollux, which are known to have exoplanets.

This variable star is just barely gravitationally bound to its bigger companion at a distance of 0. This yellow-orange star shines at magnitude 6.

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Fomalhaut has another companion, a dim-bulb 13th-magnitude red dwarf star about 5. In real terms, C is about 2. Lonely stars indeed.

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This illustration shows a ring of debris encircling the star Fomalhaut. A suspected planet is orbiting inside the ring.