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Having survived the failed raid on the enemy lands, Tekeni had no illusions. He was nothing but an enemy cub, adopted into one of the clans, but not accepted, never for real. To fit in was difficult, to run away impossible. To get into trouble, more Having just been advanced into the ranks of the first-class traders, Etl thought his life could not get any better.

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He was a trader of the Tepanec Empire, living in the Great Capital itself. Yes, there had been a war, an outright revolt by the united Seven years later, the Aztecs are ready to revolt against the mighty Tepanec Empire. However, while the young Emperor is trying to solve the problems peacefully, his warlords and advisers believe he is making too many mistakes along the way.

A muc With the crushing defeat resulting in the conquest of the beautiful Texcoco, fleeing into the Highlands seemed like their only option. Before giving it much thought, Kuini takes his highborn Acolhua friend, the heir to the Texcoco throne, to his hom Back in the Aztec Capital, the troubles were brewing.

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While benefiting from its neutrality in the Texcoco-Tepanec War, many influential Mexica-Aztecs grew wary of the way their city was becoming absorbed in the mighty Tepanec Empire. Upon their ar Born in the Highlands, Kuini thought his life was simple. Titles, Order. Tecpatl was born a warrior of the Mexican Valley, one of the elite class of.

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online At. You can download and. Jan 10, Prequel to the Pre-Aztec Trilogy. The writing. Patrick Carmichael, Inca Moon , about a woman who serves as an agent for the Incan emperor; self-published. Patrick Carmichael, Eye of the Condor , about a woman on a quest for a legendary emerald; self-published; sequel to Inca Moon. Brian D'Amato, In the Courts of the Sun , a Sci-Fi thriller about a man descended from the Mayans who travels back in time from the year the last year indicated on the ancient Mayan calendar into the body of a Mayan in the year A.

Philip Dickinson, New Fire , about a young Aztec warrior caught in a high priest's conspiracy against the army in the final days of a sacred calendar; self-published. Rider Haggard, Montezuma's Daughter , an adventure story about an Englishman who reluctantly joins a Spanish expedition to the New World, where he falls in love with Montezuma's daughter and witnesses the fall of the Aztec empire to the conquistadors.

Gary Jennings, Aztec , about the rise of an Aztec during the height of the Aztec civilization; 1 in the Aztec series. Gary Jennings, Robert Gleason and Junius Podrug, Aztec Fire , about a man of Aztec descent whose work as slave to a gun-maker allows him to provide guns to revolutionaries; 5 in the Aztec series.

Gary Jennings and Junius Podrug, Aztec Revenge , about the son of an Indian woman and a Spanish conquistador whose beginning as a highwayman and horse thief leads to a life in which he mingles with the wealthy and powerful; 6 in the Aztec series. James A. Michener, Mexico , about a contemporary American journalist who travels to Mexico and is swept up in the story of his Mexican ancestors from pre-Columbian times through the twentieth century.

Daniel Peters, The Luck of Huemac , about an Aztec sorcerer in the years leading up to the coming of Cortes and the conquistadors.

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Daniel Peters, The Incas , about the Incan Empire during the years before the coming of Pizarro and the conquistadors. Zoe Saadia, The Highlander , about a youth from the Aztec highlands who encounters trouble when he visits the lowland capital; 1 in the Rise of the Aztecs series; self-published.

Zoe Saadia, Crossing Worlds , about a young man and his friend who escape to the highlands after the Acolhua emperor is killed and the city of Texcoco lost to the second Tepanec invasion; 2 in the Rise of the Aztecs series; self-published. Zoe Saadia, The Emperor's Second Wife , about a young man and his friend who return to the Aztec capital after the end of the Texcoco-Tepanec War; 3 in the Rise of the Aztecs series; self-published.

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Zoe Saadia, Currents of War , about an Aztec leader considered a foreigner because of his highland birth, as the Aztec people talk of revolting against the Tepanec Empire; 4 in the Rise of the Aztecs series; self-published. Norman Spinrad, Mexica , about the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs. Marcos Aguinis, Against the Inquisition , about a Jewish man in sixteenth-century Argentina who, after his father is taken away by the Inquisition, completes his monastery education, becomes a physician, and journeys to Lima in the hope of finding his father.

Nataniel Aguirre, Juan de la Rosa: Memoirs of the Last Soldier of the Independence Movement , about the Bolivian struggle for independence in the early nineteenth century. Isabel Allende, House of the Spirits , about a South American family from the beginning of the twentieth century onward. Isabel Allende, Portrait in Sepia , about a Chilean woman's search to understand her mysterious nightmare of San Francisco's Chinatown. Stephen Bywater, Night of the Damned , a supernatural horror story about a company agent sent to a Brazilian rubber plantation in to investigate the disappearance of workers and the killing of another agent.

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Rosario Castellanos, Book of Lamentations , about a fictional rebellion in Mexico in that resembles historical rebellions in and Carolina de Robertis, The Gods of Tango , about a young woman in Argentina who disguises herself as a male violinist. Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna , about a friend of Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo who stays with them during the s when Leon Trotsky is living in their house, hiding from Soviet assassins. Mario Vargas Llosa, The War of the End of the World in the original Spanish, in English , about a peasant revolt in Brazil; based on the life of a nineteenth-century Brazilian prophet.

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Review or Author Interview. Michelle Lovric, The Book of Human Skin , about a fanatical girl who arrives at a convent in Peru after a devastating earthquake, and a Venetian girl who is horribly mistreated but refuses to become a victim. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Love in the Time of Cholera , a love story set on the Caribbean coast of South America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.